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I come to dominance as a woman experienced in the passions and subtleties of submission.

Considered to be a sensualist, I enjoy getting under the skin of my submissives, using my hands to sense their mood, accepting their devotion and need to please.

I only ever see one person a day. This encourages my creativity and enables me to treat you as an individual and your needs as unique.

My interests are many and varied, some examples being humiliation, spanking,  nipple torture,  wax play, sensory deprivation, bondage, cross dressing and my favourites being CP, electrics, body worship (including above the knee for those who earn it), CBT – including the use of sounds, and CP.

Experienced and practiced with both people new to the environment and those who have submitted before, I adapt my approach to make them feel at home in the atmosphere, whilst making sure they learn where their place is.

I offer a safe haven for sensualists, masochists and people looking to explore their submissive nature.

I am a tall, shapely redhead with green eyes. I enjoying dressing – to please Myself.  Leather, rubber, corsets, dresses, skirts, high heeled boots and shoes all have their pride of place in my extensive wardrobe.

To apply for a session and/or request further details please send a message.

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