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Please use the contact form on the left to send a polite message. 

If you peak the Mistresses interest she will reply.

Please do not contact the studio as the studio does not act as a messaging service or make bookings on the Mistresses behalf. 


To obtain an audience with me you must first demonstrate an understanding of the concept of submission, even if you have never experienced the reality. Next you must inspire Me, by displaying some element of uniqueness which appeals to Me and suggests that you are worthy of My training. I don’t choose just anyone to spend My time with.


If you do succeed in attracting My attention, if you are able to pique My appetite in some small way, then understand that I will expect to stretch your limits considerably as I explore My pleasure and My perversion. This will be testing for you.


You will come to know struggle, sacrifice and endurance. It wont be easy. But I can assure you that with commitment and devotion you could come to know great pride and fulfillment, not to mention pleasure, as you learn to give me the responses I seek.


Now that you know what it takes, all you have to do…. is step up to the plate.

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