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Attending the Mayhem

If you would like to attend one of the Mayhem Parties then please contact the studio using the form (left). A deposit is requred from those attending for the first time.

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Mayhem Ticket Cost

Tickets are £50 per person

First time attendees will be required to pay a deposit

Mayhem Rules...

No Watersports, Hardsports, Needle Play or Adult Babies. There will be no play interaction between slaves, all limits respected. 

Mayhem Dress Code

Fetish wear or Birthday Suit

Formally knows as the "Mid Week Mixup" 


Mid Week Mayhem is an exclusive event with a maximum of 9 tickets available has been organised to meet a number of specific requirements...

  • it is ideal for gentlemen who would like to attend a party type atmosphere but have restrictions which prevent them for attending during what would be normal party going hours.
  • it is also a very cost effective solution for those seeking prolonged bondage.
  • it is extremely cost effective for gentlemen looking to be in the presence of multiple Dominants
  • finally it is a great opportunity for those looking for a Professional Dominant to meet several ladies to determine comptability.


Mid Week Mayhem Gallery

Other Information...

Guests may arrive from 11am 

Directions etc will only be sent to confirmed attendees or once a deposit is received if visiting for the first time. 

Although there is a carpark this can sometimes be full if you have any problems parking please ring the number sent to you with directions and you will be given further instructions. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the studio.